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"This is a real heart in your mouth type of adventure, each chapter is chock-a-block full of action as the plot moves at a wonderfully satisfying pace - great for reading out loud in classrooms."

Emma Perry - Awfully Big reviews.

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Brat has always lived in the isolated castle on the island, taking care of the vicious creatures that his master creates, waiting in terror for the day when they are ready to be put to use.

But then the unthinkable happens.

The monsters get out.

Now Brat must overcome his fears and venture out into the world he has hidden from his whole life.

For the fate of everyone rests on his shoulders alone...

"A monster mash of action, scares and adventure with a core of warm friendship. It had me on tenterhooks 'til the very end."

Peter Bunzl author of Cogheart

Maker of Monsters Brat-crop.jpg
Maker of Monsters Brat-crop.jpg
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