"Lorraine provided excellent workshops which the children found incredibly engaging. Yrs 3 and 4 had their imaginations ignited and created adventurous recipes in the putrid potion workshop. Years 5 and 6 were at the mercy of their senses as they used a range of literary features to create and describe the most gruesome of baddies.

An excellent start to our school's celebration of book week and children's enthusiasm was kept high throughout the week due to Lorraine's engagement in her workshops and book signing."

Warren Bye - Teacher and Head of Reading at South Green Junior School Billericay.

"Lorraine's visit was not only great fun, but taught us about the importance of empathy and how reading can help us become more empathetic in our daily lives. She used the tribes from Mold And The Poison Plot to make us think about why people from different backgrounds not only behave, but react, in different ways, and how important it is to learn about new people and ideas for ourselves, and not just trust everything we read in the papers. A truly inspirational day that I would recommend to anyone looking to highlight how reading can improve empathy. Thank you Lorraine!"

Nicola Cleveland HLTA & School Librarian, Cannon Park Primary School, Coventry