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Interdimensional Explorers
Empathy Project For Schools with OOTIBOO!

Ties in with EMPATHY DAY on
JUNE 8th

Including a competition where
you can WIN a signed class set of books!

Launches APRIL 24th 2023!!

Find out more about it HERE and sign up!

From Empathy Workshops with Ootiboo Project -

based on original Interdimensional Explorers story by Lorraine Gregory


This project was an excellent and creative way of introducing the children to the idea of Empathy and how it can be used in everyday life.


II thought the way the children's ideas were incorporated into the story was really clever and gave them a sense of ownership.



I worked through this project with my Year 3/ 4 and Year 6 Mindfulness classes. They enjoyed the story and it seemed to capture their imaginations as they produced some lovely, creative ideas for the lost items and the people who had lost them.


Moonhall School May 2023

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