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Author Visits

 Whole school Assembly 

45 mins to 1 hour

Lorraine will talk about stories and how they are created using a powerpoint presentation.

Looking at her own background as the mixed race daughter of immigrant parents growing up on a council estate in East London, she will discuss how the ONE thing that makes every story unique is the author and what they bring to it.



Next she will talk about ideas and explore how losing things led to her idea for the amazing Inter Dimensional Lost Property Office in her latest book

"Interdimensional Explorers".

Lorraine will discuss how ideas and the author can fuse together to create something truly special!

Finally the children will be able to take part in a fun interactive activity using props and dressing up to help reunite a few owners with some of the weird and wonderful items that may have come through the

Interdimensional Lost Property office!

Creative Writing Workshop!

45 mins to 1 hour


This fun and exciting project will delve further into the multiverse of Lorraine's book - Interdimensional Explorers - and will then encourage the children to create their very own dimension and a creature that lives there!

Involving a little bit of science fiction and ALOT of imagination this is a fun and educational event that will hopefully spark off a love of world building.

Requires equipment for a  power point presentation plus paper and pencils for the children to use

To BOOK Lorraine for any visits

please go to the contact page and email me!

A FULL DAY visit includes ONE ASSEMBLY and  TWO WORKSHOPS for £400


A VIRTUAL VISIT can be booked for

One hour - £100

40 mins - £75

A useful guide to having an author visit is here

I look forward to visiting you soon!

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