Author Visits



I am available to visit schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals and offer either an author talk or a creative writing workshop. I have a diploma in adult eduction and over ten years experience of delivering courses and workshops so  I can offer a dynamic and exciting event where the children will discover a love for reading, writing and creating.

























In my AUTHOR ASSEMBLY I'll discuss my background growing up on a council estate as the daughter of an Indian father and an Austrian mother. I'll talk about my dream of becoming an author and the long and winding journey I went on to achieve it. I'll introduce the children to my books, look at how ideas can become stories and delve into the world of monsters! I'll use props, a powerpoint presentation, short readings and some super fun audience participation for the brave and bold among them to bring the session alive and will always leave plenty of time for questions!

PUTRID POTIONS is a great session where we'll look at the recipes I used for potions and poisons in Mold and the Poison Plot and other resources. The children will then have the opportunity to create their own gruesome recipes using words and ideas we've already brainstormed. I'll add props and some audience participation to increase engagement and encourage them to really develop their descriptive skills as we go along.

MONSTERS AND VILLAINS AND BADDIES OH MY is my second workshop where we'll look at some famous antagonists and encourage children to come up with their own evil creation after reading, discussing and viewing different options. We'll use props and act out scenes to bring them all horribly to life! Huge fun and excellent for improving creative writing and descriptive work.













MEDIEVAL MAYHEM is perfect for KS2 Crime and Punishment Curriculum, Festivals and special events!

Feeling brave? Then hold onto your courage and join author Lorraine Gregory on a trip back to the Medieval Age to discover the truth about crime and punishment. Stand trial, endure torture and dish out some truly ghastly sentences. Fun, informative, interactive and only mildly dangerous!
































Running a Festival? Why not consider -

 The Super Stinky Pongorific Gameshow Challenge! After looking at how the sense of smell works and examining it's use in the animal kingdom and natural world with a slide show we'll move onto some audience participation! Two teams will come up on stage and test their noses with some pleasant, and not so pleasant pongs and win points for guessing correctly! The children will not only learn some interesting facts but there'll be laughs and fun.
























ALSO AVAILABLE is a Joint Workshop with the author of The Apprentice Witch James Nicol!  









James and Lorraine’s Magical Fantasy Pop up Story Quest (Of Doom!)


Join Children’s authors Lorraine Gregory and James Nicol

as they embark on a foolhardy and perilous quest into the

magical and mysterious lands of story.

We will help to answer: What ingredients does a good

story need? What makes a hero a hero? Should we

have carrots for tea?


In this entirely improvised event with 137% audience

participation (we’re not great at maths!) YOU get to

decide, direct and indeed partake in the epic-est

quest-est quest ever full of magic, heroes, monsters

and other quest stuff!


So get dressed for a quest, pack your imaginations and emergency snacks and join Lorraine and James for lots of fun, laughter and most importantly, STORIES!!"

Author talks and workshops always work best if there is the opportunity for children to buy the book and have it signed so I would ask you to facilitate this by pre ordering the book and sending a letter home to parents beforehand!

My visits can be either half day which costs £150 (two workshops) or full day for £250 - (Up to four workshops)

My fees are endorsed by the Society of Authors - please email me for more information. Travel fees and overnight accommodation where required would be an extra cost so do please consider this when booking. My workshops and talks can be adapted but will generally work best for children in years four, five and six.


Discounts are available for my local schools in Debden, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Epping, Barkingside, Chigwell and Redbridge and for repeat bookings. 

Display from Castlewood Primary School after my visit.

Essex Book Festival 2017

Empathy Workshop! Fun, interactive and specially designed to encourage empathy in children.